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    In 2013 won the title of advanced Party Organization

    2012 was the five one woman pacesetter

    2012 was the second Guangxi famous agricultural products trade fair product award

    In 2011 won the five good enterprise party organization.

    2011 was the Guangxi area poverty alleviation leading enterprises

    In 2011 won the high-tech enterprises in Guangxi region

    In 2011 won the award for enterprise tax income

    In 2011 won the Guangxi famous brand product

    2010 was the five four red flag League title

    In 2010 won the National Advanced Textile Group

    2008 was the Guangxi region leading enterprises

    In 2007 the Ministry of Commerce sericulture moving from east to West mulberry base construction project

    2007 was the Qinzhou agricultural industrialization leading enterprises

    In 2007 won the national "Mulberry Transfer from east to west" project construction site

    2002-2006 years of continuous access to organize the private party eight

    2005 was the Qinzhou agricultural industrialization leading enterprises

    2005 was the Qinzhou agricultural industrialization leading enterprise

    Pubei County in 2005 was the union advanced unit

    Pubei County in 2003 was advanced township enterprises

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